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Strengths Engagement Index™

What is Strengths Engagement Index?


Strengths Engagement Index (SEI) is a unique ‘return on investment’ tool that enables you to measure the return of investment from a strengths-based talent program by providing leaders and program participants with insights on:


  • How productively your group/team is using their strengths as well as their level of engagement at any point in time
  • The shift in employee engagement levels and productive use of strengths arising from the development program
  • Participant feedback on the business value of the program and areas for improvement


SEIcan be used in two ways:


SEI Engagement Report

Sample Report_SEI_Engagement Report_Page_1












SEI Engagement Report is for those who want to gain a one off measure of productive use of strengths and engagement. It gives a snapshot of the productive use of strengths and engagement levels of a group at a specific point in time.


SEI Engagement and Progress Report













SEI Engagement and Progress Report is for those who want to measure shifts in productive use of strengths and engagement over a period of time, and:


  • Gives a snapshot of how effectively a group of employees is using its strengths, as well as its levels of engagement, at a specific point in time
  • Enables you to compare the engagement levels at a later date
  • Measures the impact that Strengthscope® and strengths-based development has on a group
  • Gives an estimated return on investment on a strengths-based program
  • Gives additional participant feedback on the value of the process and potential improvement areas

How do I buy SEI Engagement/and or Progress Report?





The SEI Engagement and/or Progress Report costs:


  • Under 20 individuals per report – £175 + VAT
  • 21-99 individuals per report – £250 + VAT
  • 100-249 individuals per report – £350 + VAT
  • 250-499 individuals per report – £550 + VAT
  • 500+ individuals per report – £1000 + VAT


SEI can be accessed in the following ways:



Using SEI as part of a wider program


SEI™ is often used with clients to measure and improve employee engagement levels within a team or organization, with specific programs including:



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