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What is Strengthscope®?


Strengthscope® is the most comprehensive and innovative cloud-based strengths profiling system to energize peak performance at work. It is also the only strengths assessment to have achieved Registered Test Status with the UK’s British Psychological Society. The Strengthscope® system comprises five strength based assessments:



We define strengths as underlying qualities that energize you and that you are great at or have potential to become great at. Underpinned by 10 years of testing and research, Strengthscope® will help you energize peak performance by optimizing employees’ strengths and reducing performance risks. When used as part of a strengths-based development program, the profiler and supporting solutions can significantly improve your performance, motivation and confidence, during good and challenging times.


Who is the Strengthscope® Standard profile for?


Strengthscope® is for anyone who wants to understand their strengths and potential in order to supercharge their work performance.


What does the Strengthscope® Standard profile include?













Strengthscope® will help you optimize your performance and energy at work by improving your understanding of:


  • Unique strengths and how to optimize these to achieve exceptional results
  • Risk areas to peak performance together with powerful ways to reduce the impact of these
  • Positive ways of working that will improve confidence, motivation and success in any situation
  • How to strengthen relationships and work more effectively with people whose strengths are different from yours

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How do I buy Strengthscope® Standard?


The Strengthscope® Standard profile costs £35 + VAT per profile and can be accessed in the following ways:



Using Strengthscope® Standard as part of a wider program


Strengthscope® is at the heart of everything we do. It is often used as part of wider talent and performance improvement programs to improve business results. Examples of using Strengthscope® as a part of a wider program include:


“It’s a wonderful tool and I realize I haven’t even scratched the surface yet”. Practice Support Facilitator, NHS

Our Strengthscope® strengths test received an average of 9.39 out of 10 based on 201 reviews.


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