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Strengthscope360™ is a multi-rater profiler in the Strengthscope® system incorporating co-worker/stakeholder feedback. This unique assessment provides brief and powerful feedback on how effectively you are using your strengths, risks to your performance and recommendations to strengthen your performance.


Who is Strengthscope360™ for?


Strengthscope360™ is for anyone who wants feedback from colleagues and other performance stakeholders on their strengths and risks to their performance to enable them to improve performance at work.


What does the Strengthscope360™ profile include?













In addition to all the benefits of a standard Strengthscope® profile, the Strengthscope360™ energizes peak performance by providing you with awareness and guidance on your:


  • Unique strengths and how these can be optimized to achieve exceptional results
  • Feedback from co-workers and other stakeholders on how effectively you are using your strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Risk areas to peak performance together with powerful ways to reduce the impact of these
  • Positive ways of working that will improve confidence, motivation and success in any situation
  • Strengthen relationships and work more effectively with people whose strengths are different from yours




How do I buy Strengthscope360™?

The Strengthscope360™ profile costs £50 + VAT per profile and can be accessed in the following ways:


  • Purchase a Strengthscope360™ coaching session – you can complete the strengths assessment, receive your unique profile and receive a one hour feedback from one of our Strengths Consultants (available for Strengthscope®, Strengthscope360™ and StrengthscopeLeader™)

Using Strengthscope360™ as part of a wider program


Strengthscope360™ is often used as part of wider programs, including:



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