Mental health illness in the black community with Anthony Davis

  My name’s Dr Paul Brewerton, the strengths guy, Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Doctor of Organisational Psychology. And I am delighted to be joined today by Anthony Davis, a counsellor and psychotherapist who has a number of specialisms, including working with mental illness in the black community as well as in the LGBTQ+ community. Welcome

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What is the PERMA model of positive psychology?

  Why do we need a model of well-being and why is this one good? Well-being is a central idea in positive psychology. If positive psychology is defined as the study of ‘what goes right in life’ or of people ‘flourishing’ or achieving levels of ‘optimal functioning’ (sounds slightly robotic that last one, but you

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In support of Black History Month

In recognition of Black History Month and World Mental Health Day, Strengthscope is proud to partner with Black Minds Matter UK and launch a podversation discussing mental health in the Black community. The Strengths Guy will launch a podversation with Anthony Davis, a practicing therapist with BMM UK, who will be discussing mental health in

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What is positive psychology and how can it help you

  Introduction – what is positive psychology? I first came across Positive Psychology when I was asked to chair a session at a HR conference in the early noughties with a speaker describing themselves as a ‘positive psychologist’ – he was also a columnist for the Times newspaper. I can honestly say that at that

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Why building a strengths-based organisation is a top priority for leaders

How do organisations and the people within them, build their capacity to cope with change, shocks and uncertainty at the same time as dealing with increasing competitive and regulatory pressures that require a higher level of output to even stay in the game? Evidence is becoming increasingly compelling that building and leading organisations where people

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Conscious Leadership with You Collective

  Paul: Hi there, Dr Paul Brewerton here, the strengths guy, Dr of Organisational Psychology, Founder and Chair of Strengthscope and also, you may or may not know, Strategic Director of leadership and culture change practice You Collective, which launched formally this month – September 2021.  I am delighted to be talking to my two

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How to get your career mojo back

  I need to get my mojo back A lot of the people I meet in my coaching work are at a particular point in their careers…a point of transition of some kind. And fairly often, I find myself working with people who have hit a point in their careers where they’ve just ‘lost their

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Squiggly career or career ladder – the choice is yours

  What’s the career ladder and how is it different from a squiggly career? We’ve all heard of the career ladder…it’s what many of us are taught is the only way to progress, particularly in our early careers. We focus on progressing from role to role in what looks like a generally ‘upward’ direction…measured by

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Busting career myths to build a strengths-based career

  Introduction – so many career myths still to debunk There’s a lot of old ways of thinking about careers still kicking about in what you might have assumed would be a more enlightened time. So this podcast is designed to help debunk some of those career myths and help you build a career that’s

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