Strength(s) to break through the glass ceiling

Despite numerous efforts from governments, organisations and individuals around the world in encouraging more women in power, gender inequality is still very real. The argument for more women in our boardrooms is actually quite simple: women make up half of all consumers and represent 47% of the entire workforce. Having more women on corporate boards

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How to give more powerful feedback and enable lasting change

One of the daily challenges for people in today’s busy workplaces is how to give more powerful leadership feedback in a way that will be heard, understood and will lead to lasting change. You may have something important that you want to say to a manager, a direct report, a peer, a customer, or other

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5 steps to building a thriving tech talent ecosystem

FastCompany published 5 STEPS TO BUILDING A THRIVING TECH TALENT ECOSYSTEM A BIG PART OF THE TECH BUSINESS BATTLE IS HIRING AND KEEPING THE RIGHT PEOPLE. HERE’S HOW TO MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR YOUR COMPANY. The global economy is slowly picking up pace and although growth is likely to be sluggish in most economies for

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Time to retire competency systems?

Perhaps it is time to retire traditional competency systems, not because we’ve found the silver bullet to replace them, but because they’ve simply had their day and are no longer creating value for organisations.

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5 cardinal sins of recruitment…and how to avoid them

As the economy starts to improve and more organisations are hiring, the quest to hire and retain the most talented employees begins afresh. But the world is changing, and employees’ expectations are changing, faster than ever before. So here are some top tips to ensure that your recruitment process is in the best possible shape

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5 tips for managers to uncover team brilliance

“I occasionally see these flashes of brilliance in my team, but how do I see this more often?” What is it that makes some people go the extra mile that makes them push really hard on some projects but less on others, whilst others don’t feel the need to step up? What can you do

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