Research summary of using a strengths approach with employee engagement, customer satisfaction and business performance

Some research was recently conducted in the customer services department of a leading online photo service, looking at the relationships between using a strengths approach with employee engagement, customer satisfaction and business performance. As one may expect, evidence was found that a strengths approach has a positive impact on employee engagement. Over time, this also

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Strengthening Leadership Effectiveness with StrengthscopeLeader™

We are delighted to announce the launch of the beta version of the world’s first strengths-based 360-degree leadership profiler. This powerful online tool builds on Strengths Partnership’s growing portfolio of solutions to help leaders identify and optimise their own and their followers’ strengths, including our Strengths Accelerator™ development programme, our leadership book, Stretch – Leading

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Using your strengths to get that job

The vast majority of theories of learning and development – and therapy, come to that – all say pretty much the same thing; that what we are unaware of controls us, and that of which we aware, we can control – and more importantly, can make sure those attributes work for us. If we know

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Using Strengthscope® to help Futureproof your Competency Framework

The central idea behind competency systems is a great one – find out what excellent performers do in a role, team or business area, codify the behaviours and train others to demonstrate these behaviours at a high level of competence. Bingo, great performance all round….or perhaps not. So why do competency frameworks often fall way

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Escape the corporate straitjacket

Too many companies straitjacket their people from the moment they join the organisation – they smother them with policies, procedures and prescribed ways of behaving and doing things which stifle the very strengths, ideas and skills they were hired for in the first place. To compound the problem, people are hired for strengths, but much

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Making change less painful using a strengths-based approach

I have been working in the field of OD and culture change as an external consultant for almost 20 years. In that time, I have supported a number of well-known organisations through significant change, including the UK’s Royal Air Force, Orange (as once was), Police Service Northern Ireland, Crossrail, BAE Systems, Johnson Service Group, South

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Challenging rigid sales process in favour of an approach that unlocks natural sales strengths and talents

Sales leaders have long fixated on process discipline in attempts to help their teams replicate the approaches of star performers. They have created opportunity scorecards, lead qualification criteria, and stipulate achievement of a minutiae of activity metrics. The approach is intuitive; indeed many FTSE500 companies have historically achieved remarkable success using such sales methodologies and

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