Strengths Partnership and PhotoBox shortlisted for the TJ Awards – Best Leadership Development Programme

PhotoBox leads the way in enabling consumers to create physical products out of digital content. Its business is all about innovation and its people and change team recognises the importance of innovating too. Taking an existing leadership team and structure, they designed and delivered a six-month programme that changed the organisational culture and drove customer

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Strengths Partnership Proudly Host Peking University Delegation

Recently, Boris Johnson and George Osborne undertook a well-publicised and successful visit to Peking University in China, a leading University in China which is becoming increasingly famous around the world. Not to be outdone by our politicians, we too have been building stronger relations with Peking University and expanding our business in China. In October,

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Creating a High Energy Culture the Zappos Way

There’s a lot of talk about culture and happiness in the working world these days – but in tough economic times – do people really care about happiness?  Or is it just a throw-back to the good old days – when we had free flowing credit, bankers we could trust and journalists who didn’t listen

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Getting the best from your leadership strengths

Following on from a series of interesting articles that have attracted our attention in the past few months, including Kaplan and Keiser , Tony Schwartz and most recently Zenger and Folkman , we’d like to weigh in with our views on leadership strengths and how to get the best from them. Fundamentally, we believe that

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A More Pragmatic Approach to Strengths-based Development

I have been a big fan of Tony Schwartz’ work which I have been following for the past decade or so; his work around energy management has inspired my own thinking around building peak performing workforces through releasing energy, strengths and engagement. Although the title of his recent blog is, at first glance, dismissive of

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What the greatest teams in the world know about strengths

Having just returned from a crucial London 2012 Olympic basketball match between Australia and Russia, I feel compelled to share a most amazing moment in the match…a moment that had the crowd on its feet while the winning team mobbed their teammate…and a moment which absolutely demonstrates the power of productively applying team strengths and

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Thrive, not just survive – published in Training Journal

Hiding your weaknesses may save your job but it’s your strengths that will secure your future, says Paul Brewerton. Times remain tough for all of us. Uncertainty is prevalent in all sectors when it comes to continuity of employment and opportunities for work elsewhere. So there is a tendency for us to keep our heads

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