Culture change

Making change less painful using a strengths-based approach

I have been working in the field of OD and culture change as an external consultant for almost 20 years. In that time, I have …

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Talent management

Challenging rigid sales process in favour of an approach that unlocks natural sales strengths and talents

Sales leaders have long fixated on process discipline in attempts to help their teams replicate the approaches of star performers. They have created opportunity scorecards, …

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Leadership development

First out of the starting blocks: team start-ups that drive success

One of the most noticeable workplace trends in recent years is the growth of multi-team membership. In many organisations, individual employees may now be members …

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The benefits of strengths-focused interviews over traditional competency-based approaches

Traditional competency-based interview approaches have become the norm in most large companies today. There appeal lies in their simplicity as well as their supposed ability …

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Career development

Control your controllables

With all the challenges we’ve faced recently with the global recession and tough economic conditions, many of us are experiencing job uncertainty, financial stress and …

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Leadership development

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Wiser

An ever increasing number of stories in the media reveal the unprecedented pressures leaders face today. British newspapers recently covered a story about Paul Flowers, …

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Leadership development

Strengths Partnership and PhotoBox shortlisted for the TJ Awards – Best Leadership Development Programme

PhotoBox leads the way in enabling consumers to create physical products out of digital content. Its business is all about innovation and its people and …

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Strengths Partnership Proudly Host Peking University Delegation

Recently, Boris Johnson and George Osborne undertook a well-publicised and successful visit to Peking University in China, a leading University in China which is becoming …

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