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Strengths-based coaching

Coaching is everywhere, right? At work, you hear about performance coaching, coaching cultures, coaching conversations, executive coaching and so on and so on. Of course, coaching is also integral in sport and in other professions where performance is key. Generally, coaching should be a beneficial

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Taking your early career from strength to strength

In our work with students, graduates and apprentices, we have seen the central role the strengths approach can take in accelerating people’s early careers by building confidence, certainty in career direction and flexibility in managing careers. I’d like to give you a bit more on

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Strengths fear and what to do about it

Strengths fear affects all of us At Strengthscope we come across this all the time, but it’s not talked about all that much in the wider world even though it has big implications for people being more authentic, more fulfilled, happier and more energised at

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Self protection – how to deal with criticism at work

We are surrounded by social threats – people giving us negative feedback at work…the new scariest phrase at work I think is ‘can I give you some feedback?’, or people getting over-emotional and potentially a bit aggressive when they’re under pressure, or even just you

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Why do we self sabotage and how to stop it

Whether it’s relationships, personal goals (like weight loss or exercise) or projects at work, self sabotage seems to be something that many of us are drawn to.  I want to use today’s podcast to explore self sabotage – what it is, why do we self

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