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The Creative Leader: making leadership ‘you’ shaped

In our work with leaders across a range of industries, we are often struck by how often people are propelled up the corporate ladder due largely to their technical ability in their field. Think in particular of those in ‘creative’ sectors, like design, publishing, advertising,

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Identifying and developing gritty people who outperform others

Grit, a new psychological construct offers fascinating insight into why some people succeed in their careers while others fail to achieve their goals and full potential. Angela Duckworth, a psychology researcher at the University of Pennsylvania defines Grit as the capacity to sustain both effort

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Accelerating careers of graduates and apprentices

In our work with students, graduates and apprentices, we have seen the central role the strengths approach can take in accelerating people’s careers by building confidence, certainty in career direction and flexibility in managing careers.  This article provides a little more detail on each of

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Are you building an organisation to win or to last?

At a recent How to: academy talk I had the pleasure of listening to Simon Sinek share his thinking from his latest book, outlining finite versus infinite players in organisations. He started by explaining this concept in terms of games. Finite games being those which

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Daily drainers and how to avoid them

So we all have those days. Days where we just seem to only be doing the stuff at work that we DON’T enjoy. The bits of our job that we just wish would go away or that someone else would do or that we just

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