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Entitled or empowered? What we can learn from millennials

Originally published on Training Zone How do you motivate the more youthful elements of the workforce? James Brook takes some inspiration from Silicon Valley. The recent Wall Street Journal article ‘At Facebook, Boss is a dirty word’ outlines how companies can engage positively with millennials

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Using your strengths to get that job

The vast majority of theories of learning and development – and therapy, come to that – all say pretty much the same thing; that what we are unaware of controls us, and that of which we aware, we can control – and more importantly, can

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Control your controllables

With all the challenges we’ve faced recently with the global recession and tough economic conditions, many of us are experiencing job uncertainty, financial stress and family crises. Employers are cost-cutting and demanding more for less. Therefore, more than ever it’s crucial that we build our

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A More Pragmatic Approach to Strengths-based Development

I have been a big fan of Tony Schwartz’ work which I have been following for the past decade or so; his work around energy management has inspired my own thinking around building peak performing workforces through releasing energy, strengths and engagement. Although the title

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