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Are you leveraging the strengths of your diverse workforce?

By embracing people’s differences, organisations can boost innovation, improve customer experiences and gain valuable competitive advantage. Diversity enables a broader range of perspectives, beliefs and ideas to be leveraged, leading to better information gathering, problem solving and decision-making. It also aids in the attraction, retention and

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Building an agile culture using strengths

Featured on HRZone The strengths approach to talent assessment and development has been around for almost two decades. Although many of the ideas behind the approach are decades old, the modern positive psychology and strengths movement sparked a different way of thinking – that a

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The Yin and Yang of Talent Management

Featured in Training Journal The modern strengths-based approach to managing people has been around for nearly 20 years, although many of the central principles and ideas were first introduced by management gurus like Peter Drucker and Dr Bernard Haldane long before this. The central premise is

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Are you building an organisation to win or to last?

At a recent How to: academy talk I had the pleasure of listening to Simon Sinek share his thinking from his latest book, outlining finite versus infinite players in organisations. He started by explaining this concept in terms of games. Finite games being those which

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