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Strengths based coaching accelerates performance

Strengths-based coaching is now one of the most used coaching methodologies in business today. This reflects a growing appreciation of how strengths-based coaching significantly contributes to successful coaching outcomes – including higher levels of positivity, engagement and sustained peak performance. >> See how strengths based

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Why culture change is all about energy management

Having supported several clients through significant organisation restructure and change recently as well as experiencing significant growth challenges and changes within our own business at Strengths Partnership I’m always reflecting on how important it is to learn how best to cope with these increasing work

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Balance in the workplace

In any organisation, establishing a strong, healthy balance amongst managers and employees is crucial to developing a positive, collaborative, and productive work force. There are a few simple methods businesses can adopt in order to achieve this balance and consequently create a significantly better working

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Five tips to banish appraisal dread

iMEDIA CONNECTION published Five tips to banish appraisal dread >> Formulaic, time-consuming and often rushed, is it any wonder two-thirds of organisations feel the current approach to appraisals is in need of review? The bureaucracy and tedium surrounding existing processes has driven high-profile management consultancies

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Points for creating a positive and productive workplace

Business Review published Points for creating a positive and productive workplace >> Extensive research and our own experience reveals that there are five key factors that contribute to high levels of engagement and positive energy in the workplace. We have provided seven practical and straightforward tips

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Lessons we’ve forgotten from digital innovation

During a Technology-focused dinner hosted by Strengthscope, the guest speaker – Aziz Musa (CEO at Forbidden Technologies plc)  – shared his 4 principles for an innovative culture. However smart you are you’re always smarter with peers No one individual has truly achieved anything alone. Business,

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