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Taming the energy monster

Have you come across the term ‘strength in overdrive’? Well it’s a phrase that we use a lot at Strengthscope – what it means is when you’re using something that is usually a positive quality for you, one that gives you energy and that you

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The power of your reflection

This isn’t a podcast on how to take the best possible mirror selfies, that’s not what I mean by the power of your reflection, not on this podcast anyway; no, this is a podcast on self reflection and the science behind reflecting on your experiences

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De-cluttering – science and solutions

Apart from the TV personalities who have made a career out of helping/bullying people to clear their homes and lives up so that we can all watch and say to ourselves ‘thank God I’m not as bad as that’, how many people do you know

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What meditation did for me

In several of my podcasts, where I’m offering tips for getting more from life or work, I mention meditation as an option to try. Beating the winter blues, coping with interruptions, ways to stay positive and how to do the holiday transition – meditation gets

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How to be curious without being weird

Well, you’re reading this blog, which means that you’re curious about being curious, which is a very good start. In our work with people from all walks of life in all kinds of organisations, we’ve found that it pays to be curious. I mean literally

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Strengths fear and what to do about it

Strengths fear affects all of us At Strengthscope we come across this all the time, but it’s not talked about all that much in the wider world even though it has big implications for people being more authentic, more fulfilled, happier and more energised at

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How to find your values and why it matters

Why is finding your values important? In short, if you know your values, it’s easier to be authentically you and live congruently, by making decisions and behaving in alignment with your values. Knowing and living by your values gives you anchors. So if ‘discovery’ is

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How to do the holiday transition well

Let me ask you this… When you take a break from work how well do you prepare yourself to have the break you want? and then how well does it go, when you come back to work? Let’s talk about how you can get it

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