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The strength of collaboration in adversity

Collaborating well takes thought, planning, communication, understanding, respect, humility and learning.  When it works, it seems that groups of humans can overcome almost any obstacle.  And when it doesn’t, it appears that we revert to childlike behaviour, sometimes missing our target by a long way.

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Overdone strengths: the biggest risk faced by teams?

It is widely acknowledged that teams will play an ever greater role in the workplace of the future, as organisations compete globally and need more diverse, agile and collaborative teams to tackle complex tasks and challenges such as implementation of disruptive technologies like AI. However,

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Building an agile culture using strengths

Featured on HRZone The strengths approach to talent assessment and development has been around for almost two decades. Although many of the ideas behind the approach are decades old, the modern positive psychology and strengths movement sparked a different way of thinking – that a

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Team strengths – how to pinpoint them and harness them

Never has there been a better time to unleash the power of team strengths. With a drawn out and bumpy economic recovery in progress and ongoing restructuring of organisations, departments and teams, many employees are suffering survivor syndrome and general ‘change fatigue’, often being left

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Your peak performing team in just 10 minutes

Last week I attended by far the best leadership programme I have ever attended. As a relatively new sales leader I was introduced to an ‘essential leadership’ three letter concept known as DAC; Direction, Alignment, Commitment and I wanted to share my reflections on how

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Making tougher feedback conversations easier and stronger

Many managers and leaders we meet struggle with tough feedback conversations. They don’t like criticizing people and worry about not only the conversation, but also the relationship and motivation of the employee after the conversation. This means they end up adopting one of three sub-optimal

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Optimise your team’s strengths

Research shows that the most cohesive and successful teams have a diverse and complementary range of strengths. But team effectiveness is not just about the quality of its component parts; it’s also about how effectively these parts – particularly team members’ strengths – are combined

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