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Strengthscope and Insights – are they happy together?

  What is Insights? An introduction The Insights Personality Profiler, like the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is based on the work of Carl Jung. While the MBTI talks about four pairs of preferences, Insights simplifies this still further, using …

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How to get the career you want – ikigai x strengths = your killer career

  A word on right now – the great resignation and a seller’s jobs market As I write, we’re at the start of January 2022. The start of a third year of pandemic market conditions, but with a distinct difference …

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Goal setting for the year ahead – the strengths way

  What is goal setting and why it’s important Goal setting involves putting together an action plan that helps you chart a path towards a particular goal. It’s important because repeated research has shown that setting goals can make a …

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The changing psychological contract post-pandemic and why you need to take it seriously

  Defining the psychological contract – expectations, assumptions and promises ‘What is the psychological contract?’ I hear you ask.  Well now, in short, the psychological contract is the unwritten, often unspoken, expectations that exist between an employee and their employer.  …

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Beyond Hogan – the power of strengths

  What is Hogan? Why is it so popular? The Hogan suite of psychometrics is very widely used in organisations across the world. The best known tools in the Hogan portfolio are what Hogan call their ‘bright side’ profiler (Hogan …

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