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How to get your career mojo back

  I need to get my mojo back A lot of the people I meet in my coaching work are at a particular point in their careers…a point of transition of some kind. And fairly often, I find myself working …

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Squiggly career or career ladder – the choice is yours

  What’s the career ladder and how is it different from a squiggly career? We’ve all heard of the career ladder…it’s what many of us are taught is the only way to progress, particularly in our early careers. We focus …

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Busting career myths to build a strengths-based career

  Introduction – so many career myths still to debunk There’s a lot of old ways of thinking about careers still kicking about in what you might have assumed would be a more enlightened time. So this podcast is designed …

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Do you really want to be a manager – finding a career path that fits for you

  What drives your career – is it you, or is it someone else? There’s a lot of forces at work when you’re choosing a career path, a lot of opinions and influences – maybe early on from your parents …

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How to smash interviews the strengths way

  You’ve found the perfect role – but how to land it? Picture the moment: you’ve seen a great role with a great organisation (or even a great internal project or assignment at work), and you just know that it’s …

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