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Managing millennials – a podversation with Rebecca Christianson

Introduction to Rebecca Christianson – Thrive People Consulting Rebecca’s been building her own people consultancy for some time now. She’s an Executive coach and an expert on innovative People & Culture practices as she worked as an internal P&C senior …

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Self-management and personal productivity in the digital era

Whoever you are, today’s tech is pretty mind-blowing. But we humans are adaptable creatures, and tech acceleration hasn’t all happened in one go, and we’ve pretty much kind of sort of managed to keep pace, adapt and get the best …

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Building resilience in 5 steps

How can you be more resilient? Here’s 5 ways ‘How can I develop resilience?’ is one of the questions we are most often asked at Strengthscope. Well, we’ve spent years in research and practice to discover the simplest and most …

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Dealing with negative feedback

Feedback is a two-way street Way way back I blogged and podcast on giving and receiving feedback, both positive and negative, at season 1, episode 4. The main focus of that podcast and blog was on giving feedback well, but …

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How to own your development in 2021

Why bother with a development plan and why now? During times of uncertainty AND at the start of each year, people often focus in a little more on their personal and professional development. This makes sense, because when you’re less …

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