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Improving the effectiveness of leadership 360° feedback surveys

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Leadership 360 feedback surveys (where the leader gets feedback on their effectiveness from a range of different co-workers and other stakeholders), are increasingly popular tools used by organisations to help leaders build self-awareness and improve their performance.

In theory, they should be an excellent way to develop leaders as they provide opportunity to build self-awareness, overcome ‘blind spots’ and provide a strong diagnostic check to guide the leader’s development. However, the reality is very different; the vast majority of these kinds of programs create little value for leaders, are often seen as a waste of time by those involved and in some cases, actually undermine the confidence and morale of the company’s leaders. The flaws with these type of surveys usually stem from one or more of the following sources:

The assessment assumes leaders must be well-rounded

Peter Ducker, the father of management, stated that if you get the assumptions wrong, then everything that flows from them is wrong. And that’s exactly the mistake companies have made as they assume that all leaders should be doing exactly the same thing using the same strengths to achieve peak performance. Research shows that this is flawed thinking and that effective leaders typically have a fairly unique set of strengths that they use in very different ways to achieve their results. Of course, there are some common behavioural patterns or habits that leaders can lean and develop such as setting a clear vision, however, we shouldn’t expect them to be equally good at everything, in the same way that we shouldn’t expect a midfielder in football to also be a great goal-keeper.

The 360 feedback survey is cumbersome to complete and prone to rater error

Many 360 feedback surveys take a long time to complete and if you happen to be the unlucky senior manager who is providing input on half a dozen or so direct reports, you could be looking at upwards of 4-5 hours just to complete the online questionnaires. This not only wastes valuable leadership time, but also impacts the overall accuracy of the results, as raters often get bored and don’t use the full range of rating options provided, they simply rate in the middle because it’s easy and faster that way.

Surveys only measure behaviours, not the underlying qualities driving behaviour

Effective leadership is much more than a set of standardized behaviours, yet the vast majority of 360 surveys measure only leadership behaviours or competencies. They don’t provide insight into the values, strengths and drives underpinning the behaviour, nor do they measure the outcomes of the behaviour. In this regard, they offer leaders an incomplete picture of their performance and how to strengthen this.

Survey and follow-up process is focused on identifying weaknesses

Most 360 feedback surveys are aimed at identifying gaps and flaws in behaviour. Of course, strengths and successes are included, but the design of the questionnaire and debrief process focuses on the problems and weaker areas. This heightens the likelihood that the person going through the process will be more guarded and defensive which undermines the chance that the feedback will be accepted and acted upon.

We have explored solutions to overcome these problems for years, and unlike some management gurus and writers, we do see significant value in inviting feedback from multiple stakeholders as part of a leaders’ discovery and development process. This research has culminated in us designing the world’s first strengths-based 360° profiler – StrengthscopeLeader™, which addresses the challenges outlined above. It accepts the natural ‘spikiness’ of leaders in terms of their strengths and weaker areas, is straightforward to complete, and measures the leaders underlying strengths and the outcomes they achieve, as well as four critical areas of behaviour based on decades of research into effective leadership. Clients such as Channel 4 have seen great success from using StrengthscopeLeader™ throughout their leadership development programme with the Talent Culture Manager claiming they’re “very impressed with StrengthscopeLeader™ and what insights this offers individuals about themselves and raising their own awareness.”

If you are keen to find out more about StrengthscopeLeader™, please contact us.

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