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Back in the mid-noughties, we kept on seeing the same problem pretty much every day: people + work sometimes = ☹/misery/unhappiness/lack of fulfilment. We knew that being fulfilled wasn’t this unattainable dream, we knew it was within everyone’s reach but we needed a way to show them that the journey to that point came from within.


If we could build a simple, accessible language that enabled people to pinpoint what they loved most about work, coupled with giving them increased self-awareness, we knew we could make a positive difference to organisations and to people’s lives, everywhere.


So after a lot of research (and caffeine), in 2006 we built Strengthscope® – a system to help people find and communicate their strengths to themselves and others to bring more of themselves to work and to life. Shortly after we created the world’s first multi-rater strengths assessment Strengthscope360™ which introduced the beautiful power of feedback for self-improvement. 2015 saw StrengthscopeLeader™ being added into the mix – another world’s first.  We added a simple toolkit for employees, managers and teams to have powerful conversations, and we were rolling, creating positive difference, everywhere.


Team Strengthscope