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Optimize Your Strengths

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book-space-rightDesigned to be read within 1 hour, Optimize Your Strengths is a fast-paced book that enables managers, leaders, and executives to discover their own core strengths, and learn how to bring out the best in their teams. The compelling narrative follows the story of a leader who moves from a self-limiting and draining deficit-focused approach to a more energising, powerful method based on strengths, solutions, and possibilities.


If you’re inside the UK, you can buy the book here           Buy now


If you’re outside of the UK, you can buy the book here    Buy now


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The Leadership Excellence Program

Our research and experience shows that in order to be effective, leaders need to understand how they can bring the best of themselves to their role to inspire and motivate others to perform at their peak.


The best leaders don’t only optimize their strengths and skills to build their unique ‘leadership edge’, they also work hard to overcome risk areas and continuously strengthen leadership habits in 4 key areas to improve their effectiveness. Download Leadership success through strengths guide for more information about our model of leadership.


Optimize Your Strengths is part of our Leadership Excellence Program which includes


  • StrengthscopeLeader™ profiler, a 360-degree survey, to help you optimize your strengths, reduce risks to your effectiveness and measure your impact on business results
  • Engaging and pragmatic workshops and masterclasses  to develop key leadership skill areas including how to deliver peak performance through optimizing your strengths and those of your team
  • Executive coaching (one-to-one and team coaching) to help embed and sustain learning

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