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Employers are recognising the need to provide for the health and well-being of their people so that that they remain happy, productive and healthy.

The issue

With increasing pressures on organisations and the individuals within them, employers are recognising the need to provide for the health and well-being of their people so that that they remain happy, productive and healthy. A CIPD report in 2018 identified the following top three benefits of employers increasing their focus on employee well-being:

  • better employee morale and engagement
  • healthier and more inclusive culture
  • lower sickness absence.

What Strengthscope® does

Strengthscope® provides a precise and unique assessment of 24 work-based strengths, giving each employee a picture of themselves at their best and providing a framework for understanding how to bring their best to work every day. This platform brings clarity and a common language for all employees, enabling each individual to communicate their value and to be open about areas for development.

Users of the Strengthscope® system report its impact as being so profound in terms of their self-confidence, well-being and engagement with work, that the term ‘life-changing’ is provided regularly to us as feedback from feedback sessions and workshops.

How we do it

Our team works with you to identify those aspects of your culture which are enabling, and inhibiting, staff engagement, well-being and productivity. Based on these discussions, we will develop a route map with you, enabling you to develop a positive, high performance culture based on strengths.


Step 1: Get a core team of your trainers/developers Strengthscope® accredited

Step 2: Brief line managers on how best to use the strengths approach with their directs/teams

Roll out your employee development pathway across employees, using StrengthscopeEngage to assess improvements in key metrics

The proof

Strengths use reduces absenteeism of employees who experience both high workload and high emotional demands from 11% to 4%.

Woerkom et al, 2016

A focus on strengths can increase employee engagement by up to 73%.

Rath and Conchie, 2008

Supporting people to use their strengths effectively leads to improvements of around 40% in productivity and customer loyalty

Harter et al, 2002

"Strengthscope® lets you know how to be successful by being you."

Manager, Major UK Retailer

"Strengthscope® has provided me with the greatest insight compared with any other psychometric testing I have completed in my career."

Manager, Siemens

"Strengthscope® changed my life."

Director, FleishmanHillard

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