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Become qualified to offer strengths-based career development guidance and coaching to help people perform at their best, stand out and achieve their career aspirations.

This course will provide you with the skills and tools to have strengths-based career conversations with individuals looking to accelerate their career success.



Learning outcomes:


  • Help people to confidently define their career aspirations
  • Develop strengths, skills and knowledge within people to help them achieve their aspirations
  • Enable people to define and practice communicating their personal brand/value to stakeholders
  • Learn how to build a support network with others who can help them to achieve their aspirations
  • Build career agility and enable people to adapt their strengths to get the best out of any situation
  • Construct a customized development plan to translate learning into measurable outcomes


Resources included:


  • Tools to sustain learning
  • Strengths for Success Workbook – a practical tool for career development

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