Become a Strengthscope® Master Practitioner

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Equips you with advanced skills and valued professional recognition

Becoming a Strengthscope® Master Practitioner


Becoming a Strengthscope® Master Practitioner equips you with advanced skills, valued professional recognition as well as a host of other benefits including:


  • a Welcome Pack including books and vouchers worth over £100
  • 10% off all online products
  • 10% off all training
  • the rights to use the Strengthscope® Master Practitioner logo
  • a complimentary StrengthscopeTeam™ profile or SEI™ report every 12 months



How do I become a Strengthscope® Master Practitioner


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If your passion for strengths-based learning and development is as big as ours, then this highest level of certification is perfect for you!


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