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Become qualified to develop resilience and change readiness within individuals and teams to help them deal with stress, uncertainty and change.

This course will provide you with the awareness, tools and skills to help individuals and organizations develop resilience within their workforce and deal with important HR challenges such as:


  • Low employee engagement and morale
  • Unwanted turnover
  • High rates of absence
  • Stress-related burnout and poor productivity
  • Tension and interpersonal conflict arising from stress


Learning outcomes:


  • Gain insight into the personal and business impact and costs of negative stress
  • Learn a proven pathway to help others identify stress triggers and maintain high performance and well-being during times of stress and pressure
  • Learn strategies to enable others to manage their energy (physical, emotional, relational, thinking and executional) and optimize their strengths and skills in the face of difficulty
  • Help people to build and leverage their social support network to help overcome challenges and develop resilience
  • Gain an understanding of how to help people realize the value of leaving their comfort zone to overcome unfamiliar challenges and build resilience
  • Construct a customized development plan to translate learning into measurable outcomes


Resources included:


  • Tools to sustain learning and build resilience
  • My Strong Self Workbook – a practical tool for embedding the approach

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