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Success Stories FAQ's

Do you have a question surrounding our Success Stories campaign?

What is the purpose of the ‘Success Stories’ campaign?

The purpose of our Success Stories campaign is to communicate the value of the strengths-based approach and share the successes our community of Strengthscope® Practitioners have had using Strengthscope® to improve performance and results. Our main aims are to educate and inspire both current and future Strengthscope® Practitioners, share learning and continue our mission of delivering positive, peak performing workplaces.


How will my information be used?

The only information we will share publicly is your video, name and company name. The videos will be used for Strengthscope® marketing purposes only – namely our email communications, websites and our social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube).


Can I use my video for my own purposes?

Yes, if you would like to use your video to help promote your services, please request a copy of the file by emailing


Will I get access to other videos?

The best videos will be uploaded to our YouTube channel and available for you to share with your clients as an additional resource, however we will not be distributing the files.


What is the Strengthscope® Practitioner Conference?

The Strengthscope® Practitioner Conference (formerly the Strengthscope® Accredited Partner Conference) is our biennial event in London where our community of Strengthscope® Practitioners come together to learn about, and be inspired by, the latest science, thinking and case studies in the area of strengths-based people management. The conference will also include presentations from industry experts and our eagerly anticipated awards ceremony.


When is the Strengthscope® Practitioner Conference?

The Strengthscope® Practitioner Conference will be held on October 5th 2017 at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury: Coram St, London WC1N 1HT.


How will winning entries be judged?

The winning entries will be judged by a panel of industry experts, including Joint Managing Directors of Strengths Partnership James Brook and Dr Paul Brewerton.


What is the criteria Strengths Partnership will be looking for?

There will be 5 main award categories:

  • Team performance
  • Career development
  • Performance Management
  • Leadership and Coaching
  • Selection

We will be judging each story based on positive impact and measurable results, creativity, relevance, and learning about how best to apply Strengthscope® and strengths-based approaches.


When will the free prize draw be drawn?

The winning entry will be chosen at random on 1 September 2017, several weeks before the Strengthscope® Practitioner Conference. The winner will be notified via a phone call and will be invited to the Strengthscope® Practitioner Conference to accept their prize. If the winner is unable to attend the Strengthscope® Practitioner Conference, their prize will be sent in the post to them up to 10 days after the conference.



How long does the campaign run for?

The current Success Stories campaign will run until 1 Sep 2017. However, we will announce details of the second campaign during summer 2017.