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Channel 4 is a public service television channel responsible for some of the most groundbreaking and innovative TV series and films ever to be produced in the UK over its 30+ year history.
Channel 4 recognized the opportunity to work the Strengthscope® system to improve team cohesion, engagement and performance, supercharge leadership effectiveness and provide a common language to help the organization survive and thrive in an increasingly competitive media market.



The Strengthscope® team worked with the learning and development team at Channel 4 to build an internal skillset for the delivery of the strengths philosophy into leadership and team development programmes. Following on from this, Channel 4’s learning specialists have gone on to use the Strengthscope® system across the business, including:

  • Strengthscope® and Strengthscope360™ across development programmes and coaching at C4, including most recently C4’s women’s development programme, to boost self-awareness around strengths, skills and risk areas and to feed in to career planning
  • StrengthscopeLeader™ with select business leader to provide additional insight into leadership style and behaviour and to maximize performance based on this knowledge
  • StrengthscopeTeam™ with a range of teams, including the HR leadership team, commercial team and project teams in order to promote self-awareness of strengths and risks, help teams to
    deliver more effectively to their customers and build powerful brands.



  • Everyone who has received feedback on their Strengthscope® profile from the L&D team has appreciated the self-insights gained, and the consequent improvements in quality of
    personal/career decision-making in line with their strengths
  • The teams using the approach have reported improvements in the delivery of their objectives, as well as improved team cohesion and engagement.


“The Strengthscope® tools are the ideal
offering for us here at Channel 4 to support
our individuals and teams go from good to

– Learning and Development Manager