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EE, the largest mobile network operator in the UK and largest provider of 4G services in Europe, is an exciting company to be part of, with a distinctively fast paced culture and innovation at the core of its business. Attracting and developing fresh, new talent is paramount for the future of the business.

Strengthscope® partnered with EE to create more positive and energized graduate and future leader communities using strengths-based development programs, with the purpose of supporting graduates and future leaders in recognizing their unique strengths and how to make the
most of them to achieve and sustain peak performance.



Our approach included delivering a series of interactive and engaging strengths-based development workshops  across the 2-year graduate programme for the 2015 and 2016 graduate intakes. These workshops took place biannually and all participants completed the Strengthscope® assessment at the start of the programme, to:

  • Identify their unique strengths
  • Understand how to optimize these to achieve exceptional results and
  • Pinpoint their risk areas to peak performance along with powerful strategies to mitigate these.

The programme also included training on how to create their personal brand; and a personal development plan with actions and tools to maximise their strengths and develop positive ways of working that will improve motivation, confidence and success.

Following on from this, we were asked to support a pan-UK future leaders programme delivering online learning to over 100 high potential leadership candidates. At the start of the program, participants completed Strengthscope® online and were then able to access online video content to enable them to understand their strengths and risks, develop their leadership brand and build energizing, motivating personal development plans



Over the 2-year graduate scheme, two different cohorts took part in this initiative at EE. Findings were positive  with 90% of participants overall reporting that as a result of attendance, they had:

  • Improved their performance at work
  • Higher levels of engagement at work
  • Greater ability to deal with setbacks and challenges
  • A better understanding of how to work with their colleagues.

“Undertaking the training has allowed me to realize my strengths both in and outside of the work environment, as well as aiding in reflection upon and realization of my career aspirations.” Participant in 2016


“The course boosts people’s confidence as
we all have strengths…it is nice to be told that
you have strengths and it is useful to identify
our weaknesses that we need to work on to
get better in our jobs.”

– Participant