World leading strengths profiling and development training


“The strengths-based approach flicks on a switch for people. Some say – I have never felt or thought about myself in this way – which gives tremendous impact to the person and value to the organization.” - L&D Director, Aimia Inc

A strengths-based approach to profiling and developing people improves results and the way organizations recruit, engage, develop and coach their people across the full talent life cycle.

Our leading strengths training and certification programs equip you with the skills, tools and expertise in strengths-based profiling, coaching and facilitation to drive organizational success and deal with a variety of challenges.


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Strengthscope® Practitioner Certificate

This popular 1 day program is required for use of our core profiling products – Strengthscope® Standard, Strengthscope360™ and Strengths Engagement Index™. Upon completion, you will be able to interpret and apply these strength based assessments to help people perform at their best and overcome challenges.


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Strengths Coach Practitioner Certificate

This 3 day program is designed for those who want to become certified strengths coaches as well as gaining Strengthscope® certification. Upon completion you will be able to interpret and apply the core Strengthscope® profiling products as well as gaining skills, tools and practice in how to apply strengths coaching to help people be more positive and achieve exceptional results.


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Strengths Masterclasses

Our wide range of Strengths Masterclasses build on learning in our core certification programs and provide additional strengths-based skills, tools and practical guidance across key HR/Talent areas, including career development, resilience, leadership development, team building and recruitment/interviewing.


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Complete 4 days training to become a Strengthscope® Master Practitioner

Becoming a Strengthscope® Master Practitioner will equip you with advanced skills, valued professional recognition as well as a host of other benefits.

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