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8 reasons to use Strengthscope®

The only strengths assessment and development system to achieve Registered Test Status with the BPS

The key to developing a productive and positive workplace


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8 reasons to use Strengthscope® 


Why Strengthscope®? Here are a few reasons why organizations are using Strengthscope® :


  1. Strengthscope® is the only strengths assessment to have achieved Registered Test Status with the UK’s British Psychological Society  
  2. Captures what’s unique about people and discovers how they can bring the best of themselves to work every day
  3. Powers employee development programs for many leading worldwide brands
  4. Offers the most complete range of strengths assessment products on the market today
  5. Builds on over 10 years of research and has been independently verified as being valid, reliable and fit for purpose by City University London
  6. The first strengths assessment system with multi-rater profilers enabling co-workers and stakeholders to provide feedback in minutes
  7. Simple to administer, understand and apply
  8. Integrates with unrivalled Strengths Excellence Program comprising tools, training and solutions to embed learning



Integrates with Strengths Excellence Program


Strengthscope® is designed to be the first step in helping employees optimize their strengths to improve performance and engagement at work. We have developed an exceptional range of training programs, supporting tools and development resources to translate insights from Strengthscope® into ongoing improvements in:


  • Performance
  • Motivation
  • Confidence



A positive profiler to supercharge performance


Research shows that a person’s best performance comes when they are aware of their strengths and are given meaningful work that optimizes those strengths and aspirations.


Helping people find and optimize their strengths in the workplace sets off a powerful chain reaction. This leads to significant improvements in performance outcomes, including:


  • Attracting and retaining more talent
  • Building stronger customer loyalty
  • Gaining competitive advantage
  • Increasing innovation
  • Enhancing wellbeing
  • Improving financial performance





Identifies individuals’ uniqueness


Each person is different, with a unique range of underlying strengths. In fact the chance of someone having the same ‘Significant 7’ strengths in any order is 1:346,000. Even if two people do have the same set of strengths, they typically use them in very different ways. The Strengthscope® system recognizes this and, unlike other assessment systems, doesn’t oversimplify human nature by putting people into narrow personality boxes.


Powerfully tackles weaknesses and risks


The Strengthscope® system deliberately shines the spotlight on a person’s strengths, whilst providing powerful insights around risks to performance associated with weaker areas and strengths in overdrive (when strengths are overused, used in the wrong way, or used at the wrong time, leading to negative performance outcomes). Helping leaders and employees find strengths-based strategies to deal with such performance risks makes them more willing to acknowledge weaker areas. It also motivates them to find smart workarounds and creative ways to minimize performance risks.


ISO: 27001 Certified

Strengthscope® is ISO 27001 Certified. ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (ISO 27001) is the international standard that describes best practice for an information security management system (ISMS). Accredited certification to ISO 27001 demonstrates that an organisation is following information security best practices meaning that your information and data is completely secure with Strengthscope®.







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