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Value Strengthscope® delivers


Strengthscope® and our Strengths Excellence Program helps you build a positive workplace with higher levels of engagement and retention by improving:


  • Performance dialogues and feedback
  • Career development discussions and follow-through
  • Retention and motivation of key talent
  • Creative problem solving and solutions-based thinking
  • Flexibility and resilience of employees during rapid change


Specific solutions


The Strengthscope® profiling system and our solutions can be used to:


  • Diagnose and strengthen your organization’s culture
  • Improve performance and engagement dialogues
  • Improve career development discussions and pathways
  • Build an inclusive workplace where diverse strengths are valued and used to drive innovation and growth
  • Maintain performance and morale through periods of uncertainty and change


Next steps


  • You can do it yourself. You can attend the My Strong Self™, Strengths for Success™ and Strengths Coach Practitioner programs which helps to explore and develop a more positive approach to work and relationships
  • We can partner with you. We have a range of expert Strengths Consultants who can support you with the design and delivery of your organisation development solutions
  • We can do it for you. Our Strengths Consultants can design, deliver and evaluate bespoke turnkey solutions for you


Case study


Read how we helped to create a positive and productive workplaces at Asda.


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