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All you need to deliver high impact, strengths-based team development programmes

Value Strengthscope® delivers


StrengthscopeTeam™ and our Peak Performing Teams Program helps your teams achieve peak performance by discovering and applying their strengths to build a clear sense of purpose, role clarity, collaboration, agility and continuous improvement.

 Specific solutions


The Strengthscope® profiling system can be used to:


  • Diagnose and improve team effectiveness
  • Improve communication and build trust in your team
  • Help newly formed teams achieve peak performance quicker
  • Improve collaboration by helping teams optimize collective strengths and reduce risks/blockers
  • Re-focus and motivate teams during times of change
  • Diagnose and reduce unhealthy team conflict
  • Integrate and onboard new team members

Next steps


  • You can do it yourself. You can attend the Peak Performing Teams Masterclass and gain the skills and tools to create a more positive team environment using strengths
  • We can partner with you. We have a range of expert Strengths Consultants who can support you with the design and delivery of your team development solutions
  • We can do it for you. Our Strengths Consultants can design, deliver and evaluate bespoke turnkey solutions for you



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