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Value Strengthscope® delivers


Strengthscope® and our unique hiring solutions provide accurate data on candidates’ strengths, as well as their weaker areas and other performance risks, to determine their fit with the role and organization. Specific outcomes include:


  • Improved quality of hires resulting in improved performance and retention
  • Reduced hiring costs
  • Improved candidate experience and employer agility to attract top talent
  • More positive, energized workforce


Specific solutions


The Strengthscope® profiling system and our solutions can be used to:

  • Explore candidates’ natural strengths, as well as their skills and competencies, using our powerful strengths-based interview process
  • Ensure close alignment between your company’s hiring, onboarding and development processes
  • Enhance your employer brand and ability to attract top talent
  • Assess candidates’ strengths and performance risks for leadership, managerial and key roles
  • Assess graduates and high-potentials to select candidates that will succeed
  • Improve selection and development centres to identify the best talent

“The strengths-based approach was excellent. The approach led to more authentic responses from candidates and a far richer discovery of their talents and motivations”– Head of People and Organizational Development, Housing Ombudsman


Hire cost has reduced by approximately 40% – Recruitment Consultant, Asda

Next steps


  • You can do it yourself. You can attend the Strengths-Based Interviewing Masterclass and gain the skills and tools you need to conduct strengths-based selection interviews for internal and external recruitment
  • We can partner with you. We have a range of expert Strengths Consultants who can support you with the design and delivery of your hiring solutions
  • We can do it for you. Our Strengths Consultants can design, deliver and evaluate bespoke turnkey solutions for you


Case study


Read how we’ve helped improve candidate hires at Housing Ombudsman Service.


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