Gender equality, feminism and strengths

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A Podversation with Abbigail Leeson

Today’s conversation is with our Strengthscope intern, Abbigail Leeson. In her time with us, Abbigail has been focusing on building the Strengthscope practitioner community and has provided a lot of creative and research input to help with that.

In her time with us, Abbi has also been upskilling and upknowledging the team at Strengthscope on an area that she is deeply passionate about: feminism and she has run a session with the team entitled ‘a short history of feminism’ which has superb and got amazing feedback from the team.

In fact, the feedback was so good that I really wanted to feature Abbi on the podcast and to get a wider audience for some of this great content, plus have a conversation about how and where we can take action to level things up for women in the workplace.

We discuss her passion for feminism and what should workplaces be prioritising right now around sexism, feminism and inclusion. And, of course, the role that strengths and Strengthscope can play in equality for women.



I just want to finish with a shout out to one of Strengthscope’s charity partners: Womankind Worldwide. Womankind Worldwide strengthens and supports women’s rights organisations and movements and resources they need to challenge oppression and change the lives of women, in the home, the workplace and the communities they live in.

At the very least, I would encourage you if you’re listening today to take a look at the amazing work they do at womankind.org.uk; you can listen to a podversation I had some time back with Alicia Luther-Jones, Philanthropy Manager which gives you even more of a flavour. And if you like what you see, of course, you can take action and/or donate to further their cause.

Thank you for listening today and until next time, stay strong.


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