Neurodiversity and strengths – what’s the link and why does it matter?

Podcast transcript

Hi, my name’s Dr Paul Brewerton, The Strengths Guy, Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Founder and Chair of Strengthscope and I am delighted today to be joined for this video podversation by Toni Marshall, Strengthscope’s Senior Consultant and Research Lead.  Hello Toni.

On today’s podversation, we’re going to be covering the topic of neurodiversity. Toni’s going to take us on a journey into exploring why neurodiversity is so central to our work at Strengthscope and more widely in the world of learning and development, then focusing in on the link between neurodiversity and strengths-based development specifically with some suggestions for future work.

Before we get to neurodiversity, Toni I wonder if we could start by finding out a little more about you and your background – what has brought you to your role at Strengthscope and how did you get here?

  • To get us clear on the topic we’re discussing today, could you give us a definition of neurodiversity – one that you’re happy with? I appreciate there’s no widely agreed definition on this.
  • What fuels your interest in Neurodiversity?
  • Why is neurodiversity in the workplace a relevant topic at Strengthscope?
  • What about the importance of neurodiversity in the wider world of learning and development?
  • Where are we on our journey of understanding the connection between Neurodiversity and strength-based development?
  • What do you see as important next steps for this field?
  • Toni, if you had three practical things that you wanted people to take away from our conversation today, what would they be?

Might you have any resources or links you would point people towards if they want to find out more?

The brain charity:


The ADHD Society UK:

Finally, if people want to get in touch with you, where are the best places to find you to connect?