Create a place to thrive by bringing the best version of you to the workplace

Strengthscope360™ is the world’s first 360-degree strengths profiler.

This powerful tool gives valuable insight as to how others see you, how effectively you are using your strengths in the workplace, how you are managing your performance risks and how you can strengthen your performance.

With our 360 strengths test, you can unearth your true potential. Our comprehensive and deep feedback tool will show you your top talents, as well as the unrealised strengths that you have yet to unlock.
This strengths test will also show you how others see you so that you can leverage the feedback of your people to improve performance and become a more engaged part of your organisation.



A journey of self-discovery

Are others seeing your strengths? Are they picking up on your energy? Awaken your appreciation of yourself by accessing feedback from the people you work with, based on your top strengths.

A simple way to gather feedback from up to 15 raters. Measuring the effective use of an individual’s significant 7 strengths through feedback with rich qualitative and quantitative data. The assessment is also repeatable, with collected ratings that can benchmark performance improvements over time. 

Each user will gain access to a personalised e-course video on their StrengthsPortal™ account when completing their assessment, eliminating the need for individual consultation, making this a self-serve solution for your organisation. The users will be able to manage their assessment themselves.  

It’s all about creating a framework to help people thrive and develop. Questions to raters are framed to focus on the effectiveness of strengths, encouraging doing more of the things that energise the participant.  


Build your foundation with …

Strengthscope® Strengthscope®

Strengthscope360™ works hand-in-hand with the Strengthscope® assessment. Helping you determine those strengths that energise or deplete energy that will bring out the best version of someone. Strengthscope360™ is part of the two-day Strengthscope® accreditation course.

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StrengthscopeEngage™ provides data on the effectiveness of any strengths-based training or development programme to demonstrate ROI, build a business case or case study. The report provides a benchmark and tracks changes in engagement, providing guidance on how to improve engagement in each area assessed: energy, performance, resilience, collaboration, stretch, well-being and support.

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Where to start

Strengthscope® Accreditation

The first accreditation in the group. A two-day in-depth accreditation to get you fully strengths aware, trained to help others make the most of their Strengthscope® report and ready to bring strengths to action for your clients. Available in virtual and face-to-face workshop formats.

In the accreditation, delegates get opportunities to experience their own strengths-discovery through the coaching practices. You will also learn how to run a strengths-based workshop and explore the background and philosophy of strengths-based development.

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Get started with an accreditation

Interested in 3-12 people from your organisation to participate in a private accreditation Strengthscope® course? Get in touch with our customer success team for pricing and availability.

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