Create a candidate-led recruitment experience that puts human connections and authenticity at the forefront.

Attract better talent with a differentiated experience that is led by the candidate.

StrengthscopeInterview™ is a strengths assessment tool that helps your candidates understand their unique strengths and showcase their authentic selves right from the start.  

Energise your recruitment with a strengths approach. Set your candidates up for success through offering them insights on their strengths, and a common language to articulate the value they’ll bring to the business. Make your candidates feel seen and enable authentic conversations in interviews, every single time.

With the strengths approach, you’ll:

  • Attract better talent with a differentiated experience that is led by the candidate.  
  • Make better hiring decisions by enabling authentic and honest conversations in the interview process.  
  • Increase talent diversity and inclusion through an accessible, common language that focuses on candidates’ unique strengths. 

Best times to use:

  • High-volume, top-funnel applications
  • Final stage interviews
  • Early-career recruitment

What’s in the report:

  • The top qualities that energise the candidate.
  • Advice on how they can use their strengths effectively and minimise their performance risks.
  • Guidance on using these insights in preparation for a successful interview.

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Revolutionising the candidate experience

Creates a common language

Rather than pigeonhole talent into predefined categories, we empower candidates to shape conversations in their own voice from the very first touchpoint. Our assessment provides applicants with an accessible common language to articulate the value they bring to the business.

Clearer insight for hiring managers

Sharing strengths upfront fosters far richer dialogue compared to the guessing games of traditional interviews. Hiring managers gain a clearer insight into people and culture additions beyond just skills. The experience makes candidates feel truly seen and more excited to join your team. All while still aligning to abilities needed to excel in the role.

Scientifically unbiased

The key pillar underpinning this approach is the scientific validity and universality of our assessments. Strengthscope® methodology is scientifically proven to be free from any bias across genders, cultures, geographies, and age groups, which promotes inclusion and diversity in the hiring process. This approach does not label people or put them in a box, which encourages the candidate to give honest answers without needing to cheat the system.


Transforming talent acquisition at Siemens

As part of its continued drive to attract and retain the world’s best talent, Siemens’ talent acquisition team worked with us to introduce the strengths approach to its recruitment process. Together, we constructed a shortened Strengthscope® report, available globally in multiple languages. In this candidate-driven process, the report is given to each candidate as a “gift”, and it is optional for candidates to take the report or use the insights during their interview process.

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