Inspire, engage and energise your team, department and organisation.

Supporting the development of a strengths-based approach for your team to create a supportive culture of openness and honesty. Bringing strengths to everyday life that will have positive outcomes and business success.

We can equip managers for powerful performance conversations and team strengths development sessions with StrengthscopeManager™. You will experience the lasting impact with the practical toolkits as well as online support materials.

StrengthscopeManager™ e-course

What every Manager needs for peak performance. The e-course will equip Managers with positive and constructive feedback and inspire you to conduct powerful and engaging conversations using the strengths-based approach.

Be a master at helping your employees improve performance and recognise it.

Manage your team with energy and ease with the tools to develop their performance further, create a buzzing team environment, and learn how to inspire and engage those teams.

You will have an opportunity to set up an action plan to implement the tools of StrengthscopeManager™ right away.

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Live One-Day Course

Experience the live StrengthscopeManager™ course and feel the impact of learning in person. It’s perfect for organisations who want to power their managers to spark strengths in their teams. Get energy from using strengths in management. Understand how to use your strengths in your everyday work performance with short tasks throughout the day to get clear on your management approach.

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Managers complete this one-day course, consisting of the following modules:

  • Powerful performance conversations using Strengthscope®: positive and constructive feedback, including our manager strengths toolkit
  • Understanding how to use Strengthscope® to achieve goals and drive learning at the individual level
  • Using Strengthscope® to drive up performance at the whole team level, with added value resources for your management approach

StrengthscopeManager™ e-course

Use our on-demand self-serve platform, StrengthsHub™.
From conversation guides to development planning and beyond, these resources are designed to help your managers get the most from their strengths. Moving them from ‘nice to know’ to action.

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