Engage your people’s strengths

StrengthscopeEngage™ - Why the strengths-based approach helps with better business outcomes

StrengthscopeEngage™ tracks changes in staff engagement from the beginning to the end of strengths-based development initiatives.

Once you have identified the unique strengths of everyone in your team, it is time to put that information to good use. With StrengthscopeEngage™, you will be able to measure shifts in engagement throughout all of your strengths projects, so that you can track impact and success.

It can provide advice on creating a positive, strengths-based culture so that you can stop, start and continue your way to brilliance. Provides data on the effectiveness of your strengths-based programme to demonstrate ROI, build a business case or case study.

What can you measure?

Measures against 7 areas of work performance

  • Energy
  • Performance
  • Resilience
  • Collaboration
  • Positive Stretch
  • Well-being
  • Support

Gauge the effectiveness of your initiatives and programmes by measuring increase in productivity and report ROI.

Gather evidence on increased engagement with your people.

An easy and great way to measure and report back the success of any strengths-based development programme or intervention.

Your progress report – where you are now and how far you’ve come.

Breakdown of responses to highlight future areas for development.


Build your foundation with…


StrengthscopeEngage™ works hand-in-hand with the Strengthscope® assessment. Helping you determine those strengths that energise or depletes energy to bring out the best version of someone. StrengthscopeEngage™ is part of the two-day Strengthscope® accreditation course.

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Strengthscope360™ is the world’s first 360-degree strengths profiler. Effective for personal development, early-stage career programmes, recruitment, and onboarding.

Get valuable 360 feedback on your visible strengths from co-workers. Perfect for first-line manager programmes, check-in conversations and high potential programmes.

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Where to start

Strengthscope® Accreditation

The first accreditation in the group. A two-day in-depth accreditation to get you fully strengths aware, trained to help others make the most of their Strengthscope® report and ready to bring strengths to action for your clients. Available in virtual and face-to-face workshop formats.

In the accreditation, delegates get opportunities to experience their own strengths-discovery through the coaching practices. You will also learn how to run a strengths-based workshop and explore the background and philosophy of strengths-based development.

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Get started with an accreditation

Interested in 3-12 people from your organisation to participate in a private accreditation course? Get in touch with our customer success team for pricing and availability.

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