Strengths development for your people

Unlock strengths at every stage of the employee lifecycle.

Organisations around the world are using a strengths-based approach to build a more diverse, productive, engaged, resilient and agile workforce.

We define strengths as the underlying qualities that energise us, that we are great at or have the potential to be great at. Understanding your strengths is just the beginning. To bring lasting change, HR and L&D leaders apply strengths to all stages of their employee experience: from recruitment and onboarding to development, retention and beyond.

Start your strengths journey with Strengthscope

Our modular strengths approach is simple to integrate into any size organisation.

  • Works within leadership and development programs
  • Brings a positive and productive vibe into your workplace
  • Easily applied within a global company and across business units
  • Universal language – no new terminologies to learn.

What your people get with Strengthscope solutions

On-demand strengths development journeys

Focused on your peoples’ unique strengths and personal growth objectives, supporting them wherever they are in their life: from starting a new role, to returning from parental leave or taking up a new promotion.

Access to self-serve 360 feedback tool

Get rich qualitative and quantitative feedback from up to 15 raters. Our feedback process puts your employees in control of their development and eliminates all the admin work for your HR teams.

User friendly team reports

In a world of constant change, we know your teams are always changing. Use our team reports as many times as needed, with no extra cost. Our team reports allows strengths to come to life in everyday work interactions amongst teams, and can be used cross-departmentally to support agile, matrixed organisations.

Facilitated coaching sessions, blended learning opportunities and more… 

Our solutions are flexible and modular, giving you full control in embedding the strengths culture in your organisation. 

How we work

We work with you to identify your needs, and explore how strengths development can solve your most pressing business challenges. You can customize our modular solutions to suit your organizational needs, and we help you to roll out truly scalable solutions, globally.  

We’ve supported our clients to solve their key challenges across: 

  • Talent attraction and recruitment 
  • Diversity and inclusion 
  • Employee engagement and talent retention 
  • Culture transformation 
  • Leadership development 
  • Early careers onboarding and development

Some of the results you can expect from the strengths approach


Increase profit


Increase in productivity


Improvement in engagement


Increase in sales


Reduction in absenteeism


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