Authentic leaders

With all the change and speed and complexity around us, leaders have never had it so tough.

The issue

Increasing competition, disruptive technologies, more mobile and demanding talent, doing more with less. With all the change and speed and complexity around us, leaders have never had it so tough.  On the other hand, that level of pace makes things very very simple.

The one constant in those shifting surroundings is you. And so knowing and understanding what you bring as a leader, your strengths and risks, the positive and negative ripples that you send out, becomes an essential, so that you can be authentic, and do it skillfully.

What Strengthscope® does

StrengthscopeLeader provides leaders with a clear picture of their strengths and risks both in terms of what energises and to maximise performance. Our model of leadership is designed to form the basis of leaders’ self-awareness, starting with the development of their ‘leadership edge’ (their purpose, values, strengths and abilities), and continuing through to skill development in four key areas (sharing vision, sparking engagement, skilfully executing and sustaining progress).

How we do it

We help leaders to become more effective by being more authentic. Leaders learn how they are different, how those differences contribute value and how their vulnerabilities show up under pressure.

These insights enable leaders to be themselves more skilfully, recognising and managing both the positive and negative impact they have on others.

Step 1: Get your L&D team accredited in StrengthscopeLeader

Step 2: Integrate the strengths approach into your leadership development offer

Step 3: Support your leaders to take Strengthscope® out into their teams and cascade the impact

The proof

Average 46% performance improvement over 6 months based on our strengths-based leadership development approach (sample of 21 executives randomly selected from across our programmes)

"Leaders with one or more outstanding strengths are twice as likely to be ranked in the top third in terms of effectiveness."

Zenger, Folkman and Edinger, Oct 2011, Harvard Business Review

"Leaders who use their strengths effectively and develop high performance leadership behaviours are rated as more effective."

Strengths Partnership research, 2017

"The chance of someone being actively disengaged when leaders/managers play their strengths is 1 in 100."

Gallup research

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