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Stronger teams

How can you ensure your teams are utilising individual and collective strengths to drive up performance?

The issue

Teams are the basic working unit of organisational life, but many fail to achieve their potential and some verge on dysfunctional. But some teams manage to raise their performance to another level and maintain it. So how do they do it?

The secret is that these teams have learned to utilise their individual and collective strengths and limit the impact of any risk areas they have in order to drive towards their goals. Successful teams have also learned how to flex and reinvent themselves as situations demand by building a strong team culture, where everyone is clear on the behaviours that are ok and not ok in order for the team to perform.

What Strengthscope® does

Strengthscope® provides a precise and unique assessment of 24 work-based strengths, giving each employee a picture of themselves at their best. This helps each team member decide which strengths they would like to contribute more of to the team.

StrengthscopeTeam shows the overall distribution of strengths and risks within the team and provides clear guidance on how to deal best with both. Finally, StrengthscopeTeam describes the team’s current behaviour and where this can be enhanced to help build a strong and sustainable team culture.

How we do it

Our tools focus on five important touchstones for teams to succeed: clarity of goals; trust; accountability for results; change readiness; and continuous improvement, all through the lens of strengths.

Our approach is designed in particular for: new teams, restructured teams, high performing teams and dysfunctional teams.


Step 1: Get your team development specialists StrengthscopeTeam accredited

Step 2: Provide managers and teams with our simple strengths team toolkit for their ongoing development

Step 3: Ensure that managers and teams have the support they need to become self-sufficient over time

The proof

At BOC Gases, over the course of 16 months, eight leadership teams participated in our team development programme, resulting in an average 65% improvement in overall team performance.

"The biggest difference is the step change in performance, taking us from an already high performing team to one I consider a brilliant team. This has been achieved through strong focus from the beginning on the purpose of investing in the team, structuring the intervention to accelerate greater self-awareness, knowledge of strengths and the need to ‘self-check’ them before they go into overdrive.

With this heightened awareness I now see more balanced leadership discussions, targeted challenge and greater leverage of team skills to drive greater performance for our business."

Director, BOC Gases

"The Strengthscope® tools are the ideal offering for us here at Channel 4 to support our individuals and teams go from good to great."

Learning and Development Manager, Channel 4

"Strengthscope® raised our awareness of how we were behaving as a group, who had which strengths, and who we should be listening to at certain times when the group strength took over. This enabled us to see things differently and therefore solve problems better."

Personnel Manager, Tesco

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As more and more people across the globe are being impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19), we want our customers and community to know that during this challenging time, Strengthscope will continue providing to you the usual high level of support and service.

As of yesterday, 16 March, in line with government and medical guidance, we asked that the Strengthscope team work from home until further notice. For us, this simply represents an extension of our work from home policy, which has been running successfully for some time. Therefore, our customer experience, including Technical Support, Customer Success and all other departments are available for our customers to contact in the usual ways.

We will be moving our training and workshops to virtual alternatives, an approach we have been using successfully, with great customer feedback, for some time.

On behalf of the Strengthscope team, we wish you and your family the best of health in these challenging circumstances. Let’s take care of each other.