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What is StrengthscopeEngage?


StrengthscopeEngage™ measures changes in staff engagement and productive use of strengths following on from development initiatives. It also provides advice on creating a positive, strengths-based culture so that you can stop, start and continue your way to brilliance.


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What’s included?

  • Your selected group’s engagement report
  • Your baseline report – where you were when you first started your Strengthscope® journey
  • Your progress report – where you are now and how far you’ve come
  • Breakdown of responses to highlight future areas for development.


Who’s it for?

  • An organisation who’s recently adopted Strengthscope® or a strengths-approach and wants to be able to report the return on investment of doing so
  • An easy and great way to measure and report back the success of any development programme or intervention

StrengthscopeEngage™ is split into two reports: StrengthscopeEngage™ Baseline and StrengthscopeEngage™ Progress.


StrengthscopeEngage™ Baseline

StrengthscopeEngage™ Baseline is the initial survey which measures against 7 areas of work performance including:

  • Energy
  • Performance resilience
  • Collaboration
  • Stretch
  • Well-bring
  • Support


It shows the current levels of engagement within an organisation (as per a selection of completed Strengthscope® reports), and tips for creating a productive and positive work culture.


We highly recommend this is used before a strengths-based intervention takes place.


StrengthscopeEngage™ Progress

StrengthscopeEngage™ Progress acts as an additional survey to StrengthscopeEngage™ Baseline, which allows the group to re-complete the same questionnaire as before, showing:

  • Current vs. past engagement levels
  • Shifts in engagement
  • Tips for creating a positive and productive work culture.


We highly recommend this is used after a strengths-based intervention takes place.



How do I access StrengthscopeEngage™ Baseline and/or StrengthscopeEngage™ Progress?  

You will have automatic access to the both reports when you attend our core training – Strengthscope® Accreditation.

Our accreditation training gives you the skills and expertise on how to analyse the report, including how to give feedback on it, and of course, much more.

For more information on Strengthscope® Accreditation training, including dates and how to book, click here.

If you are based outside of the UK, we have a number of partners who provide this service, head over to our Global page for more information.




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