Get better results from your people by playing to their strengths

 StrengthscopeManager is here to help managers:

  • Develop a more authentic approach to leadership
  • Recognise and manage both the positive and negative impact they have on others
  • Improve communication so they can more effectively motivate individuals and teams, including during times of change
  • Build more productive teams by learning how to leverage people’s strengths.

Access StrengthscopeManager via our online self-driven course over 4-6 hours, or have it delivered virtually by a coach in a virtual workshop format.

Leaders learn how they are different, how those differences contribute value and how their vulnerabilities show up under pressure. This enables leaders to be themselves more skilfully, recognising and managing both the positive and negative impact they have on others.

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What's included

  • StrengthscopeManager™ interactive workbook
  • Strengths-based conversation guide
  • Access to our BID/BIRD toolkit to enable engaging feedback
  • Access to our team toolkit
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