How To Own Your Development in 5 Steps

Listen as Dr. Paul Brewerton, the strengths guy, walks you through five ways to take more control of your personal and professional development in these uncertain times.

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the strengths guy

Hi, I’m Dr Paul Brewerton, also known as the strengths guy. I podcast each week on how you can take a positive, proactive approach at work to get more from yourself, more from your team and more from your organisation.

When you’re less sure what the world is likely to throw at you, at least you can create a greater sense of control by working on yourself – making yourself more employable, ensuring your skills are transferable – as well as giving yourself a boost of self-esteem by becoming a better you.

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In this podcast, I walk you through five ways to own your development in the year ahead:

  1. How to check in with your purpose – your personal purpose and your work objectives – to find focus for your development.
  2. How to be realistic – can you keep it going, is it possible, how can you make sure that you stick at it?
  3. how to use your strengths to do it your way – whatever your development goals, how can you energise your development plan so that you can make it strengths-based and you-shaped?
  4. How to supercharge a strength – push your comfort zone to stretch an area that up to now you may have taken for granted because there’s nothing wrong with it, so need to stretch it, right.
  5. And finally , to bring a friend – development becomes so much more real and achievable when you have a critical and supportive friend or friends who are there for your journey.

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