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Our strengths enable us to contribute uniquely to the world, in a way which no one else can.

But only when we bring the best version of ourselves to work to inspire, motivate and be more effective.

Why be an authentic leader?

When you truly understand, accept, and embrace your strengths in your own unique way, you can start to lead authentically and provide a spark of inspiration. Leaders who understand their strengths and who have crafted their careers around them, know best how to bring out strengths in others – to develop and stretch those strengths.

Historically, leaders were told to look, sound and behave in a specific way, which often stifled authenticity and true leadership excellence. We say why not play to your strengths, use those inner qualities that energise you and be your very best and bring that benefit to your team to drive business performance.

Now more than ever we need leaders who can be their best, who can energise, engage and motivate their teams and using their strengths in an authentic and genuine way will spark this in their teams.

As a leader, the unique card you can play are your strengths.

The habits that make up an exceptional leader

As a leader, you have a lasting and positive impact on your team and organisation.

So, going beyond discovering and developing your strengths is not enough. Exceptional leaders practice leadership habits with focus, discipline and positive stretch.

Research has shown that these four leadership habits are essential for exceptional leadership.

Sharing vision

Understanding your context and communicating a clear vision for success

Sparking engagement

Creating a safe, inclusive space for people to develop and deliver

Skilfully executing

Clear expectations and feedback to keep the team on track

Sustaining progress

Developing a sustainable team that keeps performing as its people grow

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How to develop a more authentic you

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