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How strengths can boost your wellbeing at work

First up, a message to you. This is my podcast number 100. So a heartfelt thank you from me to you for listening to the podcasts, for sharing and liking them and for telling others about them. I’m told that they make a big difference, so I just wanted to say thank you for playing

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To our Strengthscope community

First, and most importantly, Black Lives Matter. Systemic racism in any form is unacceptable. When we see it or sense it, we will investigate, enquire and, where we find it, we will challenge it directly with clarity and resolve. At Strengthscope, we have done our very best to embody the values of inclusion, diversity and

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Strengthscope in other languages

Strengthscope in other languages

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Parlez-vous Français? Snakker du Norsk? Did you know we now offer Strengthscope® in 11 different languages? The full respondent journey for Strengthscope® standard report is available from login through questionnaire to report in the following languages: French Canadian French German Spanish Portuguese (BR) Dutch Norwegian Chinese (simplified) Japanese Russian For the observant

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Sidestepping into a new role

Sidestepping into a new role – 5 tips to do it well

Something we’re hearing from more and more organisations is how they’re looking to help their employees explore new opportunities in areas of the business that are continuing to do well even when faced with the challenges we’re seeing today. Sometimes, this kind of role sidestep might mean a need to upskill and it may well

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man at computer - adjusting to the new normal

Adjusting to the new normal

“New normal” is a funny phrase because it makes you think that at some point, change is going to stop and normal is going to be forever and then we can all chill a bit and get a bit of certainty back. Well let’s hope that’s true but for now, one thing we know for

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How to aim for progress not perfection

In a 2019 study of around 41,000 young people, researchers found that over the last 25 years, people across the US, Canada and the UK have become more perfectionistic in terms of: others having higher expectations of us, us having higher expectations of others, as well as us having higher expectations of ourselves. The rise

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