Amplify your career and personal development

Career and personal development is not always linear. But it is those curves and re-tours that make it a great journey.  

Join Scott as he takes you on his own journey of self-development. You will see how he uses and identifies his strengths to help him in his career success. 

Come learn the benefits of using your strengths and the questions to ask yourself for your own journey. 

What’s in store for you? 

  • How Scott’s personal journey led to his success
  • Managing negativity bias and choosing a different path
  • Learning from the past – the power of reflection
  • How to make friends with your personal strengths
  • Benefits of using your strengths in new ways to adapt to change
  • What are adaptability, intelligence, and emotional quotient, and how do they affect us

Enjoy the ebook!

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About the author

Scott Christie, Head of Training & Integration at Strengthscope

Scott has the reputation of ‘Mr Strengthscope’ as he describes himself. He is a walking, breathing case study of how using strengths can help you achieve happiness and success in your career. Scott has worked with international clients such as Siemens, Amazon Web Services, Schaeffler. In addition to fast growth start-ups and public sector organisations such as Met Police and the NHS.

He loves helping people find their own lightbulb moments that can transform the way they look at a challenge. He works on design and delivery of our tailored, public and virtual training courses.

Scott’s top three strengths are developing others, self-improvement and Strategic mindedness.

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