Why you should be directing your learning towards your strengths

Simply put, people who use their strengths experience better outcomes than those who don’t. What exactly do I mean by that though? Well, daily strength users enjoy higher levels of well-being, lower stress levels, higher levels of motivation, are more effective at problem-solving, have improved relationships at work, higher self-confidence, see greater career success and

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The path of possibility

Managing your mindset in tough times – the path of possibility

There’s negativity all around us and sometimes that can make things feel stuck, like we can’t move forward. It’s relatively easy to get caught up in those negative feelings so our focus can become even more negative. We see even more of the negative when actually nothing much has really changed. Today’s podcast is all

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Managing stress and change – controlling the controllables

Stress affects us more than we might think. The American Institute of Stress recently reported that over 80% of workers feel stressed at work at some time, so understanding what stress is is important. Stress occurs when the demands of a situation exceed your perceived ability to deal with them. The more that we perceive

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what to do when you don't have the strength

What to do when you don’t have the strength

We’ve all been there – when you feel you’re in a situation where you just don’t have the strength to get the best outcome. You might be facing change without having a Flexibility strength. Or you might need to work with others but you don’t have Collaboration as a strength. Or you may be needing

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Virtual teamworking

Getting the best from virtual teamworking

So I’ve been working with wholly or partially dispersed or virtual teams for around 15 years, across a number of industries and today, I’d like to talk about what I’ve learned from working with these teams to help them ensure that they get the very best from themselves and from others in the team when

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Remote management - Working from Home

Getting the most from remote management

More and more people are managing some or all of their team remotely these days – partly because technology allows and in some cases, because circumstances dictate. Whatever the reason for you managing others remotely, or even you being managed remotely, I’d like to share some tips with you on today’s podcast as to how

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