woman working from home and building trust in a virtual team

Building trust in virtual teams

You can’t get away from the fact. Building trust is more difficult in a virtual environment than it is when you’re in the same place as other people. You miss out on all the ‘in between’ bits – the micro gestures, the informal chats, the side conversations after meetings. All of that information can help

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How to do team check ins

How to do team check-ins

Team health remains a top priority Team health is at a premium these days. When I say health, I mean as in well-being as well as performance for individuals in a team and for the team overall. This year has been unprecedented in its demands on teams to flex and bend into all sorts of

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Top tips for a dysfunctional team

Top tips for dealing with a dysfunctional team

The term ‘dysfunctional team’ sends a shudder through many of us, bringing up visions of a team that is infighting, politicking, game-playing, back-stabbing, bullying and emotionally outbursting. In fact, there’s so much anxiety around dysfunctional teams that a whole industry has sprung up around dealing with them, the charge led by the author Patrick Lencioni,

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building effective virtual teams

Building effective virtual teams the strengths way

Team development is squarely and firmly back on the agenda in most organisations. And because now more than ever, teams are working virtually, organisations need a route map for building successful virtual teams. Now it would be easy to say that building virtual teams is just the same as building teams that are co-located, and

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virtual team communication-facebook2

9 Ways to improve virtual team communication

As our new world of working continues to reveal itself, virtual teamworking is fast becoming a standard in many organisations. With more teams working fully virtually and others at least working partly on a virtual basis, there is a growing need for virtual teams not used to working in this way to get some tips

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improving career wellbeingFB

Improving your career wellbeing Part 2

Welcome to improving your career wellbeing part 2. A couple of weeks ago, Improve your career wellbeing part 1 introduced the topic of career wellbeing and took you through the first 3 of the 7 elements: Your career progression your relationships at work your relationship with the organisation Today I want to give you some

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Pual Brewerton and David Lincoln

How to transition roles the strengths way – Podversation

This week’s podcast is a big one. It’s a podversation with the new Managing Director of Strengthscope, David Lincoln. Yes, you heard that right, David will be the new Managing Director of Strengthscope from October 19th (my birthday) and I will transition formally into the sole role of Founder rather than Founder and MD. My

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press release featured

Press Release

Strengthscope is going from strength to strength – growth plans and new Managing Director appointment   World-leading strengths assessment and development company Strengthscope, headquartered in London, UK, has announced a new strategic appointment. David Lincoln will take the role of Managing Director, from Monday 19th October, to drive the operation and deliver sustainable international business

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Improve your career wellbeing

Improve your career wellbeing part 1

First up, what is career wellbeing? Well it doesn’t have a 100% agreed-on definition but researchers have tried to break it down into various elements including: career transitions you might make your relationships at work your relationship with the organisation your work performance your sense of purpose learning and development your work-life blend In today’s

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