5 tips for managers to uncover team brilliance

“I occasionally see these flashes of brilliance in my team, but how do I see this more often?”

What is it that makes some people go the extra mile that makes them push really hard on some projects but less on others, whilst others don’t feel the need to step up? What can you do to draw out more moments of team brilliance, and not leave it to chance? Here are 5 tips for managers to uncover team brilliance:

1. Be curious

When you’re curious about someone, you show that they are interesting and valuable. Everyone at work wants to feel that they count, that they are valued, and that others are interested. After all, why should an employee be interested in the business if the business isn’t interested in him? Being curious about someone is the easiest and most basic way of saying that you notice and care. This all sounds simple but many executives are too busy to ever do it. When people feel valued they are much more likely to be engaged at work.

2. Listen

Are you really listening or waiting to talk? By truly listening to your team, without interrupting or offering advice you will be amazed at what you start to uncover. It demonstrates true appreciation for the other person as well as respect, ultimately it shows great leadership.

3. Take time out together

Nurturing and building your team takes time and effort both inside and outside the office. Simply understanding your employees better often involves bonding outside of the office environment. This doesn’t have to involve expensive team building activities, but sharing a lunch together or an annual activity can help to nurture your team achieve team brilliance.

4. Provide regular, open and constructive feedback

Regularly set aside time to tell your team what they are doing right and point out any opportunity for improvement. If performance is not up to par, work with them to develop ideas on how to improve. Help them learn from their mistakes and focus on future success. It is critical that employees feel you and the organisation support them fairly, giving equal attention to all team members.

5. Understand what makes them tick

Uncovering your employees’ energy and passion for their work is critical to uncovering more of those moments of brilliance. Helping your employees understand what makes them tick, and finding ways they can tap into this more in their role and within the role they play in the team, will not only create more meaning for them in their work, but will enable them to bring the best of themselves to work each day.

Zara Bates