A client story with Insightful Exchange

The mission (this time…)

A high-performing board is essential to the delivery of quality outcomes. Executive Directors are expected to contribute to the overall performance of the board and the success of the organisation.

Insightful Exchange was commissioned by the NHS Southwest Leadership Academy to provide support for new and aspiring Executive Directors to reach their full potential in a board setting.

A board represents a variety of stakeholders each with their own priorities. To reach consensus, Executive Directors are required to collaborate effectively and frequently engage in difficult discussions.


The approach

The Theatre of the Board programme was designed to help Executive Directors develop the self-confidence needed to have an impact in a board setting. The programme was delivered in three modules over four months.

The first step in this journey of self-reflection and discovery was a Strengthscope360™ followed by an individual feedback session. This allowed participants to identify their strengths and explore how to use them to their best advantage.

Each participant had two additional individual coaching sessions over the duration of the programme.

A board simulation allowed participants to try out what they have learned in a board setting with actors playing the parts of Non-Executive Directors. Feedback was given for further exploration during individual coaching sessions.


The results

On completion of the programme, participants were very positive about their experiences and highly motivated. Over the coming months, we checked back on progress and noticed some significant changes.

  • Greater levels of self-awareness, confidence and understanding of positive psychology in team development.
  • A deeper understanding of the importance of clear leadership and effective leadership behaviours in managing teams.
  • More confidence in using their voices in the boardroom – even beyond their professional boundaries as Executive Directors – to have a greater impact.
  • Playing to their strengths and understanding their overdrive behaviours when under pressure in the boardroom.


“Theatre of the board Is a truly innovative and motivational programme for those who are thinking about that next step, or enhancing their performance at board level. Attendees saw a marked difference in their ability to present information, negotiate and lead strategy, all through developing their own capability, confidence and presence in this challenging environment”

– Christina Quinn, Director of NHS South West Leadership Academy.