How StrengthscopeTeam™ helped Barb with team development

The Mission

Founded by major players in the UK television and advertising industry, Barb is responsible for delivering the UK’s television audience ratings. Barb had previously introduced Strengthscope® to their business in 2021, to develop strengths awareness. Following some organisational changes, they decided to work with us again in 2022. The mission was to take a strengths-based approach to articulating their company values while developing their new brand.

The Approach

With this goal in mind, we designed a 4-session programme to identify the ways of working and to articulate their values while empowering their people to contribute their personal opinions and experiences. The aims of the programme were:

  • Embed Strengthscope® within the current Barb team to develop positive communication and collaboration
  • Use StrengthscopeTeam™ Habits to help develop effective and inclusive ways of working
  • Build a Barb team charter to embed accountability and clarity
  • Build on charter, ways of working and strengths to help create Barb organisational values

The programme started with a review of personal strength use through reflections on their individual Strengthscope360™ reports, to help identify their starting point.

From there, we moved on to their collective strengths through the group’s StrengthscopeTeam™ wheel and how they collectively and individually could bring strengths to deliver the business’s mission. Before the next session, the team were asked to complete the Productive Habits questions that are part of the StrengthscopeTeam™ report.

From the data outputs and feedback within the report, we then took the team through a series of exercises, including reflective personal work, facilitated group discussions and action-based learning. This included work on the team’s change journey, feedback culture and SWOT analysis of the business, as well as consistent development of the team charter document and the business values.

The final stage was how individuals were using their personal strengths to live the company values and how they could use our 5As framework to set individual and collective goals.

The Results

Following the completion of the programme, the team members shared the following feedback:

Key learnings:

  • How to give feedback in a neutral manner
  • The overall makeup of the rest of the team
  • Understanding more about the team in general and team members specifically
  • Strengths can become part of day-to-day teamwork
  • Understanding everyone’s strengths

Biggest impact on the team:

  • More collaborative and open
  • More understanding of other personalities and approaches to work.
  • Energised and focussed
  • “We are coming together more as a team rather than individuals”
  • “I think we know more about each other and can communicate better as a result”

The Ongoing Journey

Since the programme was completed, all new starters at Barb undertake the Strengthscope® assessment and receive a 1-2-1 report debrief with one of the StrengthscopeTeam™. The Strengthscope360™ report is used in objective setting meetings as a way of understanding how to support performance and is pulsed once a year to see how effectively the team are using their strengths.

‘The decision to work with Strengthscope® has had a huge impact on Barb and the way, as an organisation, we get the most out of each other. It has benefits at an individual level as each person has a greater understanding of what energises them in their day-to-day, and subsequently at a team level as we all gain an appreciation of those strengths and how best to utilise them.”

“The tools and techniques learned from having Strengthscope as a trusted partner will forever be part of the Barb culture, and that is a testament to the benefit it can bring to a company.”

Caroline Baxter – Research Operations Director